Deltoid Ligament Partial Tear


Deltoid_Tear_PD_Coronal_1.jpg Deltoid_Tear_PD_Coronal_2.jpg Deltoid_Tear_PD_Coronal_3.jpg


Deep fibers of medial collateral ligament demonstrate partial tear. Some of the fibers remain intact.


Medial collateral ligament complex consists of superficial and deep fibers. Superficial fibers continue distally as Spring ligament. Deep fibers can show slightly heterogenous signal. When normal gently alternating bands of high and low signal are seen on proton density images. Another pitfall is magic angle artifact that may mimick an abnormality. Including true T2W images in your joint imaging protocols helps problem solve when magic angle artifact is present. Magic angle artifacts becomes more pronounced on short and intermediate TE sequences. Long TE (around 90) on true T2W images alleviates this artifact.