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Templates are a constantly changing collection of templates that can be used for creation of radiology reports. This is not meant to be a substitution to other resources such as standardized reporting initiative. Instead this is a simple collection of templates that are meant to be practical and brief. In daily work, these are constantly modified as "one size fits all" usually does not work in individual cases. The examples on this site are meant to provide examples of approaches to different studies in hope that they are useful to trainees in radiology. Every radiologist will have to modify these to comply with their style and individual methods. Omission or inclusion of certain points in the templates does not constitute an opinion on importance or non-importance of such points.

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Additional Disclaimer!

Please note that in addition to points made in Disclaimer for this website, the following applies to this page and to pages linked to from this page. The accuracy or applicability of templates examples can not be guaranteed. Medicine and health care remain arts in addition to sciences. No outline, template, spreadsheet, database or computer file can substitute for judgement of a physician or other health care professional in real world encounters.


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