3D-MRI Joints

Conventional joint MRI sequences can include spin echo, turbo spin echo, gradient recall echo acquisitions. There are probably as many opinions as there are radiologists, sports medicine physicians and orthopedic surgeons about what the best combination of these sequences is, but usually imaging centers acquire proton density, T2- and sometimes T1-weighted images. Depending on the magnet strength and availability of acceleration techniques, whole MRI scan may last as short as 10-12 min or as long as an hour in some cases. The average duration of an MRI scan is probably somewhere between 15-20 min. Since holding completely still is next to impossible, especially for someone who is already uncomfortable due to discomfort or pain in the joint, it is not uncommon to encounter motion artifacts or mis-registration between different sequences. It is logical then, that many researchers are working on a brief protocol that can acquire all the necessary information in as short time as possible, and preferably in one sequence or two, at most. Volume 3D-MRI acquisitions display promising features and have a potential to become widespread technique.