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0008, 1090MR scanner model
0018, 0087Magnetic field strength
0018, 0050Slice thickness
0018, 0088Slice spacing
0018, 0024Sequence name
0020, 1041Slice location
0028, 0030Pixel spacing

Siemens (TM) DWI DICOM tags

0019, 100CB value
0019, 100DDirection
0019, 100EB vector

Phillips (TM) DWI DICOM tags

0018, 9087B value
0018, 9089Diffusion gradient orientation


DICOM tags are not as uniform as you may expect them to be. Some fields are constant among manufacturers, others are not so much. When it comes to new data such as diffusion MRI, details of acquisition may be hidden in private DICOM fields.